First Day of School!

Wearing: DIY shirt, AA shorts, Lia Sophia ring, Minnetonka moccasins 

Just got back from my first class, which was slightly terrifying, to say the least. It was a 300-level literature class about satire. We shall see how that goes... Next I've got Spanish, which I'm really excited about! And then maybe I'll crash one of the many classes I didn't get into :P
It's quite a lovely day today.



via Lights

I've recently acquired some new music! One is Lights' new EP, Acoustic. Lights is an amazing musician and ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! Seriously. I love her style! She is all-around adorable basically. My favorite song off the new EP is 'Romance Is...', which is beautiful. I'm pretty sure I've listened to that song on repeat for the past two days. Really, the entire EP is great. Is there anything better than acoustic? Don't think so.
Here's another good song from her!



Wearing: Shirt from UO, skirt from Gap, Laredo boots

I feel terrible that ever since I got here, I haven't written a single post! It's been so hectic starting a new school and being in a new place. Hopefully it will get easier to balance everything...
For now, here's an outfit post.


Off to NY!

I am about to leave for New York City! (Quite literally as my flight is in about two hours...) I'm so excited because I've never really spent a lot of time in NY. Looking back on all the places I've been to, I've spent time in every major city except NYC. We're going a bit early before I have to start school. That's right! I'm going off to college. I'm looking forward to a new year and new people! I just hope I remembered to pack everything. Sorry about the lack of posts recently, I've been running around like a mad woman trying to see people last minute and get various things done that I probably should have gotten done a lot earlier...
Here's a pretty cool picture that I took at Disneyland!
Oh how I shall miss California.