Just Beachy

Wearing: (Me) H&M shirt, American Apparel shorts, Coach bag (Natalie) Nordstroms dress
Yesterday I spent the day with one of my really good friends, Natalie! It was such a nice day that we decided to take a little trip down to the Shake Shack off PCH. It's really just a small Ruby's stand, but you just order your milkshakes from the window and enjoy them facing an amazing view of the ocean. I absolutely love looking at the water. It's so sparkly and filled with so many shades of blue and green. I am going to miss it next year...
Then we went to the pool to swim and cool off. All in all, a good day.

Not-So-Little Black Dress

All images (c) Style.com

Wearing: Black dress from Mason, hat from Urban Outfitters
Rather inspired by Bottega Veneta's Resort 2011 collection. I really liked the simplicity of the dresses and the effortlessly slouchy pants. Everything just looks so comfortable!
Mine's perhaps a bit more frilly, but I think the long, black dress works even in this heat. I actually got it when I was in Boston this past spring at a Second Time Around store. A bit long, but I'm infatuated. It's one of those dresses where you can dress it up, or dress it down. I could definitely pair this with some sandals and a floppy hat and be off to the beach :)

Now all I need is a bathing suit...


Freelance Whales

Wearing: Shirt from American Apparel, Jeans, Hat from Forever 21

I really want a new camera. Currently, I am operating with a Canon PowerShot SD400. Ehhh it's decent, but the picture quality is less than perfect. Unfortunately. I'm not familiar with cameras, but I do want one with a nice lens. And definitely better picture quality.
This morning I was on Itunes, and discovered the band Freelance Whales. They're kind of amazing. For their album Weathervanes, I only paid 6.99! Top songs? Hannah, Starring, Location, Kilojoules, and Generator (Second Floor). Overall good vocals, mix of electronic and instrumentals, beats, and lyrics. If you like the Postal Service, chances are you'll like these guys. Get their free song Hannah - it's the discovery download of the week.
Today just went to Kula, a revolving sushi bar, and 85 bakery in Diamond Jamboree shopping center. Love that place.

Gaga for Glee!

(c) FOX

Wearing: Thrifted lace shirt, bustier from Macy's, dance shorts, stockings from American Apparel, Harajuku Lovers shoes.

This past Tuesday was the Lady Gaga episode on Glee! Glee is one of my all-time favorite shows. I guess if you had to compare it to something, it's similar to High School Musical, but only because both involve singing and dancing in school. But to be completely honest, Glee is a million times better. There's actually real talent on that show. If you haven't started watching it, then get on it!

I watched this episode with my friend and decided to dress up. I hope Lady Gaga would approve!


Suspenders and Stripes

Shirt from Gap, thrifed, shorts and suspenders from American Apparel, shoes from Harajuku Lovers, ring from Urban Outfitters
Yesterday was nice. A bit chilly for summer, especially in California, but at least the sun was out. With that in mind I decided to wear shorts paired with a long sleeve shirt - no sweater necessary :)
I think suspenders add a nice touch, don't you?


Spirited Away...

Spirited Away (c) Studio Ghibli

Hello there!
First time blogging, and not sure what to write. I'm sure I'll be more inspired another night. For now, I'm just trying to figure out how this all works. I've always been an avid blog-follower, but I've never really taken the initiative to create one until now.
I'm currently watching Spirited Away, an amazing Hayao Miyazaki film about a young girl who becomes stuck in the spirit world and must work in a bathhouse for the spirits to free herself as well as her unfortunate parents. She is a heroine who grows immensely from these magical adventures with the help of some quirky and unlikely friends. The animation is beyond spectaular,with expressive characters and sweeping landscapes. The detail is astounding. There's something about the music that makes me want to watch it over and over again. The piano bits are really something. It's beyond spectacular, really.
Who knows what I'll write about, but you can expect a lot of entries on food, fashion, music, movies and random art projects that I take up from time to time. Hope you all enjoy!