what if we died in space?

I realize that I am absolutely terrible at keeping up with this blog. Will try harder this month...
For now, I thought I'd share my favorite poem that I read in a literature magazine I used to subscribe to called Cicada:

as my eardrums yielded to my body's pressure
i would whisper thickly to you but
what would carry my words to you-
exploding in your own right?
our eyes would swirl off together:
a tiny quartet of mutual revolution
our shirts, torn to pieces by the bloom
of ribcages, would create magnificent
venues of billowing cotton and polyester
our muscles would unfurl: a red carpet
for two unlucky hearts to make their debut
they would go
careening towards each other
would collide and spawn
an asteroid, a sad love story

and my whisper would hang in the cosmos:
the stars are beautiful tonight

what if we died in space?
by Al Kostalas

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