Lanvin for H&M!

Guess who waited for two hours in the freezing cold in front of H&M yesterday? And guess who is now the proud owner of two pieces from the Lanvin for H&M collection?
Super excited about the skirt that I got! I've secretly been wearing it in my room, considering it's a bit much to wear outside. Plus it looks better with stilettos, which I'm not about to wear out here. I need an occasion to wear my new skirt and Kelsi Dagger shoes!
Sadly, I'm a starving college student, and thus cannot afford to own everything in the collection. I wanted everything! But I had to make some choice decisions, and did my best not to cry over leaving behind the gorgeous dresses. Who knows, maybe someday I'll be able to own real Lanvin!



So my prize from Refinery29 finally came!!! I won some makeup from Maybelline in one of their giveaways! I can't recall what the contest was, or what I posted in order to win, but who cares? I GOT FREE MAKEUP!
Excited to test it out :)

P.S. Here's what I wore today also...


what if we died in space?

I realize that I am absolutely terrible at keeping up with this blog. Will try harder this month...
For now, I thought I'd share my favorite poem that I read in a literature magazine I used to subscribe to called Cicada:

as my eardrums yielded to my body's pressure
i would whisper thickly to you but
what would carry my words to you-
exploding in your own right?
our eyes would swirl off together:
a tiny quartet of mutual revolution
our shirts, torn to pieces by the bloom
of ribcages, would create magnificent
venues of billowing cotton and polyester
our muscles would unfurl: a red carpet
for two unlucky hearts to make their debut
they would go
careening towards each other
would collide and spawn
an asteroid, a sad love story

and my whisper would hang in the cosmos:
the stars are beautiful tonight

what if we died in space?
by Al Kostalas